Crux & AI

GenAI might be one of the most exciting technologies today. But it’s also one of the fastest-moving — posing a challenge for enterprises keen to deploy it. With each new GenAI innovation, companies have to worry not only about staying on top of trends but validating what’s working, all while maintaining a semblance of accuracy, compliance and security. There’s an entire cohort of startups tailoring GenAI tools to fit enterprise needs. Arcee, for instance, is creating solutions to help businesses securely train, benchmark and manage GenAI models, and Articul8 AI, an Intel spin-out, is building algorithm-powered enterprise software. Now another upstart’s joining the crew. Himank Jain, Atharva Padhye and Prabhat Singh are the co-founders of Crux, which creates AI models that answer questions about business data in plain language along the lines of OpenAI’s ChatGPT.