CodeSignal Learn Launches

Technical assessment company CodeSignal, which counts Index Ventures and Menlo Ventures as backers, is launching a learning platform called CodeSignal Learn. The new platform, aimed at audiences wanting to learn technical subjects, also has an AI-powered bot called Cosmo, which helps users with learning. The company said that there are hundreds of courses available at launch ranging from introduction to programming, tutorials on specific languages, data analytics and machine learning. Eventually, CodeSignal wants to expand into some non-technical areas — such as management skills — that accelerate career paths. CodeSignal Learn is currently accepting users through a waitlist. Once you get in, the Cosmo bot asks you questions like what you want to learn and what is your skill level. Based on that, it forms a course path for you. The platform has two tiers, and the company has chosen a gamified path to monetize its product. With the free tier, you can go through lessons on your own. But as soon as you ask a question to the Cosmo bot, or ask it to help you with an evaluation of your code, you lose one energy bar. Free users get five energy bars with a bar recharging every four hours. This whole process has a mobile game-like feel to it. If you don’t want to go through any of this hassle, you can pay up to $24.99 per month and get unlimited energy.