Antithesis Raises $47 Million

Software testing is hard. Even with the right talent in place, it doesn’t always go as planned — particularly when executed at scale. The market for software testing solutions is quite massive, unsurprisingly, with one estimate pegging it at $55.98 billion. There’s plenty of vendors in the space, from startups like Qase, EvaluAgent and Codegen to incumbents like Azure and AWS. But a new entrant, Antithesis, thinks it can make a splash. Antithesis, was founded by the team behind FoundationDB, the distributed database platform, which Apple quietly acquired in 2015. Following the Apple acquisition, the FoundationDB team dispersed to pursue other Big Tech company jobs, but eventually arrived at the same conclusion: Even sophisticated organizations lacked the software testing tools they needed to be more efficient. Antithesis’ product continuously scans the newest version of software under development for bugs inside a separate-from-production, simulated environment (complete with virtual hardware, service and networking components), reproducing and providing debugging information for bugs it finds.