Check Out AI App “Voicenotes”!

AI-powered tools like OpenAI’s Whisper have enabled many apps to make transcription an integral part of their feature set for personal note-taking, and the space has quickly flourished as a result. Apps like AudioPen, Cleft Notes, and TalkNotes have proliferated across app stores and the Internet, but most offer a pretty limited feature set: They let you record notes and transcribe them, with some offering summarization features, but there’s a lot of ground to cover in terms of the features offered. The latest app in the space is Voicenotes. Built by creator-tipping platform Buymeacoffee‘s founder, Jijo Sunny, and his wife Aleesha, Voicenotes aims to set itself apart by including an AI assistant that lets you ask questions of your past notes, in addition to providing various features like summaries and different formatting options. The developers said in a video that after they suffered a miscarriage, to distract themselves, they started building a voice note tool along with Jijo’s brother and Buymeacoffee co-founder, Joseph Sunny. When the couple was consulting medical professionals, they took a lot of voice notes to capture all the things nurses and doctors were saying so they could recall the information later. That also fueled the idea of having a transcription tool handy so they didn’t need to replay notes repeatedly to remember details. Jijo and Aleesha shipped the first version of the app in March to select testers, and they made the web app public in April.