Our internal projects are designed and developed in the Appetizer Mobile Lab. Our product design experts aim to create innovative apps that cater to a wide variety of different industries. The goal of the Appetizer Mobile Lab is to push the boundaries of technology and design. Our experienced staff works on all aspects of the project, which include: storyboard, UX, UI, branding, development, web design, marketing plans, and launch strategy.

Dimming lights, beautiful color schemes, and intricate mazes. Navigate your way through an infinite maze that gets darker with each passing second, in an attempt to keep the lights on with this engaging top-down maze game. An in-house game designed and developed by the Appetizer Mobile Lab team.

Infinite Generation

Face increasingly challenging and complex maze generation as you progress through the game. Our advanced maze algorithm provides a fresh experience every time you play.

Simple Design

Our carefully designed minimal graphics provide a futuristic feel, and present beautiful color schemes throughout the game. The intuitive controls give you supreme control while navigating through the maze, while the environment and soundtrack immerse you into the game.

Competitive Gameplay

Join the worldwide leaderboards in classic mode and try to make it to the top, or see how far you can get in infinite mode without the pressure of the lights dimming.

Replay Value

Knowing that each time you complete a level faster than average it compensates extra time for later levels, you can’t help but play this game over and over to get better. With the additional option of infinite mode which excludes the dimming, you can choose to compete or relax based on your mood.