The storyboard for the app’s core functionality was designed and turned into wireframes that contained the user flow and screen layout for the development team to work from.


The app was structured and designed with consideration for future updates. Development ensured a fully optimized, smooth running app. The website was built with an intuitive, sleek and modern design.


The design of the app and logo branding are taken into consideration for future media opportunities such as commercials and print items. The scheme is packaged into a re-usable format.

The toughest part of meeting someone through a dating app is starting a conversation. The first message can make or break the possible connection between two users. This app solves the problem by giving conversation starters to the people, by the people.

Quick Onboarding

From registration to profile creation, the sign up process is quick and intuitive. The app only allows Facebook registration, which is then followed by a quick 3 question multiple choice form regarding preference. Uploading of the users profile photo immediately follows. The final step is to swipe left or right on the conversation starters, based on the user’s preference. All interactions for signing up are created to be as easy as possible.

Location Based

The app allows you to explore the compatible matches available in your vicinity, but still allows you to further search in case you may have made a decision to go somewhere based on compatibility. In order to keep the users honest, user interaction can only occur if they are checked in at the same location, which they can only do so if they are physically there.

New Spin on Dating

Normally dating apps only provide you with a quick profile on a possible match in your area, but then it is up to you to figure out the conversation part. With this app every user opens themselves up by posting what they would prefer for conversation starters, therefore helping the shyest of users talk to their match.

Large Market

The pool of possible users is very large considering as of 2014 it has become a $2.1 billion industry. The online dating industry is showing an annual growth of 5.0%.

C  O  M  I  N  G    S  O  O  N