The storyboard for the app’s core functionality was designed and turned into wireframes that contained the user flow and screen layout for the development team to work from.


The app was structured and designed with consideration for future updates. Development ensured a fully optimized, smooth running app. The website was built with an intuitive, sleek and modern design.


The marketing materials for the app were designed with insightful visuals and key metrics. The potential for strategic partnerships that could grow the app’s popularity were taken into consideration. A well-designed and executed investor deck was created for investor reach out.

Danger, a virus has hit the Mighty Top’s AI Toy Factory. Spinning tops are cloning themselves in order to take over the world! Enter the world of Mighty Tops, a third-person mobile game developed in collaboration with Clover Dog LLC.

2D/3D Modeling

With a variety of 3D maps, you can explore the world of Mighty Tops straight from your smartphone. Each map and character contains a high level of detail that can only be found in console games.

Custom Characters

Each character has a different build according to their personality. The variety of equippable offensive and defensive weapons provides a different gaming experiences for each player.

Unique Advertising

With custom built maps, Mighty Tops features ads from sponsors that players can see as they play. The city map contains several billboards that feature brands with a “Tops” twist. Advertisers can even have unique textures created for the playable characters.

Beta Tested

Through different levels of internal and external beta testing, features were altered to refine the game experience to maximize user engagement. The app gained large popularity from a preview event involving press and popular Periscope users.