The storyboard for the app’s core functionality was designed and turned into wireframes that contained the user flow and screen layout for the development team to work from.


The app was structured and designed with consideration for future updates. Development ensured a fully optimized, smooth running app. The website was built with an intuitive, sleek and modern design.


To ensure the success of the app, partnerships with influential brands were made to enhance the user base of the app. Strategic meetings were arranged to lock in business relationships.

A groundbreaking fun, free app that lets you creatively customize and choose the ringtone that the person you are calling or sending a picture to will hear. With Shuv, you can “set the tone” for a conversation like never before!

Ring Forward Technology

The patented Ring Forward technology allows users to select a song, sound, or create their own custom ringtone to call friends with. This gives the user the ability to choose the ringtone that the person they are calling or sending a picture to will hear.

VoIP Calling

VoIp, Voice over Internet Protocol, allows the user to make voice calls using an internet connection. With unlimited, free worldwide calling and messaging with anyone else who has downloaded the app, Shuv users can save money and calling plan minutes.


Privacy is assured with a 256 bit AES Encryption for all VoIP data and random encryption keys for each call. Data exchange for the call is peer-to-peer after a connection is established, so there is no server brokering the call.

Launch Event

During an initial partnership with Sony Music, Shuv was premiered at the Sony Wonder Technology Lab. This high profile launch generated a high level of downloads, user engagement and attention from the industry.

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