The storyboard for the app’s core functionality was designed and turned into wireframes that contained the user flow and screen layout for the development team to work from.



The marketing materials for the app were designed with insightful visuals and key metrics. The potential for strategic partnerships that could grow the app’s popularity were taken into consideration. A well-designed and executed investor deck was created for investor reach out.

The platform that provides longer exclusive video content from your favorite celebrities that current social media does not offer. Create a business from the posts you normally make for free, and provide premium content to turn a profit.


The name Streeem roots from the concept of streaming a video. From the waves to the bubbles, the brand of Streeem is maintained in its design. The variety of colors available are normalized by the use of white and black to accompany the contrast.

Social Media Market

The customer base consists of average mobile users as viewers; entertainers, online personalities, videographers, and celebrities as uploaders.

Monetization Strategy

With a low monthly subscription fee, users are given full access to a channel. The uploader can post content for free with a limited upload allowance, which can be increased for an additional low yearly fee. This incentivizes the uploader to post premium content that they would not normally post on other social media platforms.

Marketing Plan

The strategy is to reach out to online celebrities as partners for promotion, and stream special events as exclusive coverage.

C  O  M  I  N  G    S  O  O  N