Senator’s Aim to Control Ads & Paid Options in Educational Mobile Apps

The standard business model for most mobile applications has been to allow the free download and then provide the user with paid options once registered. By doing so, mobile app owners take on little risk for marketing return, gauge a better sense of their audience and are able to generate revenue at a much higher percentage. Unfortunately, the issues we’ve seen over the years with this model has been the aggressiveness of advertising and marketing manipulation in industries that target children such as education. There have been countless reports of children making large purchases within these apps as the parents at times, have had limited control over what their children are able to do on these apps. A recent study showed that 9 out of 10 mobile apps that were marketed towards children contained some level of advertising. Senators are now making a push to help regulate the issue in hopes that the technology will go back to its intended focus of helping children improve in their education.


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