Is Your E-Commerce Site Ready For Heavier Traffic?

While increasing the number of visitors to your site is always the goal of any e-commerce business, it’s a goal that can quickly become overwhelming if your site isn’t properly set up first. As your e-commerce business and your customer base grows, a sudden spike in traffic or just a gradual increase in purchasers over time can result in slower load times, unprepared customer service agents, irritated customers and even a total website crash. YEC members were asked for tips they can provide that will help owners with their site’s increased traffic and CEO of Appetizer Mobile, Jordan Edelson, stated “Making sure your inventory data is in real time and accurate can have a major impact on your e-commerce business. Displaying accurate data is important to customers, so if they feel as though the website isn’t being updated properly, prepare to see lower conversion rates”. To read the rest of the article, you can visit the following link: