WhatsApp AI Features

Last year, during the Q3 2023 earnings call, Mark Zuckerberg talked about leveraging AI to have business accounts respond to customers for purchase and support queries. Now, Meta announces AI-powered features for WhatsApp Business apps, such as helping with the creation of click-to-WhatsApp ads and generating responses to frequent customer messages. Mark Zuckerberg announced these tools at the company’s Meta Conversations conference in Brazil. He noted that apart from building consumer-facing bots on its platform, Meta wants to build AI agents that could help businesses in their conversations with customers. WhatsApp Business users will be able to leverage AI to create Facebook and Instagram ads that can start a WhatsApp chat with a business. The company said it is testing AI-powered customer support, which will automatically answer customer queries related to catalog or frequently asked questions. Currently, the social media company is testing this ability with select merchants in India and Singapore, with expansion to Brazil coming soon.