13 Strategies for a Successful Micro-Influencer Partnership

Influencer marketing is one of the best new ways to reach out to social media audiences. Influencers thrive on building relationships between themselves and their audiences, which makes them ideal partners for brands looking to reach the same market. Micro-influencers, by definition, have fewer followers, but often have an even more close-knit community. In many cases, this closer relationship allows for greater trust when it comes to marketing products. When dealing with micro-influencers, then, businesses need to understand what will make this particular relationship work well for both parties. YEC recently posted an article and our CEO, Jordan Edelson, stated, “Setting up benchmarks and milestones for micro-influencer marketing campaigns can help determine if goals are being met. It also establishes parameters both parties are expected to work within and can help define success.” To read the entire article, visit the following link: